Aderer wire bending pliers
For making a V-loop and for bending arch wiresWire diameter up to 0.030"1 piece

Ball hook pliers (for clamping hooks)
For fixing the crimping hooks along arch wiresMade of stainless steel1 piece

Band remover pliers
For removing tapes and other adhesive attachmentsMade of stainless steelSterilizable1 piece

€49.90* €57.20* (12.76% saved)
Bracket remover pliers
For removal of anterior bracketsMade of stainless steel Sterilizable 1 piece

Bracket remover, angled
For removing posterior bracketsHardness of the tip: HRC52-55Made of stainless steelSterilizable1 piece

Converting pliers
For removing the caps from convertible tubesincl. spare blade1 piece

Jarabak pliers
Multi-purpose wire bending pliers with grooves for precise bending and closing of loops.max. bow thickness: 0.018" x 0.022"Length: 13.5 cm

Light Wire Pliers
For making various fine loops on arch wires and for making spring loopsWires up to a diameter of 0.030 " (0.76 mm)Made of stainless steel Sterilizable 1 piece

Loop bending pliers
For the production of various small loops for multi-loop upright bendsLoop diameter: 2,00 / 3,20 / 4,20 mmHardness of the tip - HV713-856 (HRC60-65)Made of stainless steelSsterilizable1 piece

Nance step bending pliers
For making vertical loops of different heights along arch wires (3.0 / 4.0 / 5.0 / 6.0 mm)Diameter of wires up to: 0,022″ (0,56 mm)Hardness of the tip - (HRC52-55)Made of stainless steelSterilizable1 piece

Pliers stand
Clear modified designStainless steel rodHigh temperature sterilization not allowedSide plates made of plasticMade of stainless steel1 piece

Separating pliers
For expanding elastic separating rings before separating molar gapsMade of stainless steelHardness of the tip - HRC52-551 piece

€49.99* €57.20* (12.6% saved)
Step bending pliers
For creating bends of 0.5 mm in one step.The T-shape are suitable for right-handers as well as left-handed users.max. bend thickness: 0.022" x 0.025" Length: 13.0 cm

Tweed bow bending pliers
Is used to apply torque to rectangular wiresCutting edge: made by new technologyThickness of tips: 0.050″ (1.27 mm)Hardness of the tip - HV713-856 (HRC60-65)Made of stainless steelSterilizable1 piece

Tweed loop bending pliers
For making small loops, distal loops and omega loops on arch wiresHardness of the tip - HV713-856 (HRC60-65)Made of stainless steelSterilizable1 piece

V-stop pliers
For making a V-stop along the arch wire to prevent any movementMade of stainless steelSterilizable1 piece

Weingart pliers
Used to tie back the distal end of arch wires to avoid soft tissue injuryMade of stainless steelSterilizable1 piece

€49.90* €57.20* (12.76% saved)