AquaSplint thermo
AquaSplint® thermois the latest generation of the prefabricated self-adjusting TMD-Splint. Its integrated, thermoplastic relining enables quick customization and stable retention without laboratory work, impressions or registration. The hydrostatic balance between the two water pads connected by a tube, enables pain-relieving harmonization of the craniofacial structures (aqua-balance-effect).AquaSplint®classic ▶▶▶ AquaSplint®thermo Thanks to the newly developed thermoplastic relining (boil & bite) and the innovative “aqua-balance-effect” the new AquaSplint®thermo enables better retention and easier handling: • The thermo is even easier to use. A thermoplastic relining is already integrated, so that the bonding and silicone relining syringe that was previously required is no longer necessary. • Short chair time, just after a few minutes in hot water, the thermoplastic relining is ready for insertion (see instructions for use). • The adjustment process can be repeated if the adaptation of relining does not fit properly.Indications:• rapid pain relief and muscle relaxation (immediate help)• simplified preprosthetic / pre-orthodontic bite determination• neutralizes malfunctions, forced bites and premature contacts• differential diagnosis of the multifactorial Genesis of TMD• supportive diagnosis & therapy for associated diseases such as cervical spine syndrome, tinnitus, migraines, joint trauma and limitationsContra-indicationsContra-indications• severe bruxism / grinding reduces the durability (*)• sharp edges on prostheses, tooth crowns can damage the water pads• missing molars/premolars, at least one second premolar in each quadrant should exist• immediately applicable without impressions / laboratory work• rapid pain relief and muscle relaxation• wearing for 10 hours per day is sufficient• precisely fitting and comfortable retention• no sharp edges / pressure points• universal size >> universally applicable• no adjustment appointments needed (thanks to the hydrostatic equalization of the two water pads)• replaces the relaxation and distraction splint• can be inserted during an orthodontic treatment • can be used either in the lower or upper jaw • (*) can be used in combination with a 0.5 mm vacuum splint in the opposing jaw for long term treatment