CMD AquaSplint Concept (DVD)
This DVD is an ideal supplement to the cours TMD: Diagnostics and Therapy and is also ideal for adising TMD patients and for training colleagues and physiotherapists.Content: Quick Initial diagnostics of TMD supported by the manual functional diagnosis Simplified differential diagnostic of TMD with help of the AquaSplint Inserting and management of the AquaSplint classic & mini Splint therapy The accompanying manual / physical therapy Occlusal rehabilitation after the AquaSplint / splint therapyTMD is a multifactorial disorder. Malocclusion is not always the main cause - psychological factors, tress, trauma, but also connective tissue weakness, cervical spine disorders and hormonal factors, alone or combined, often play a large role.The newly developed water pads (AquaSplint classic & mini) enables a fast an simple differential diagnosis of TMD and provides uncomplicated and effective therapy.The DVD is available in the following languages: German/English

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