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AquaSplint classic
Product No.: 400-001-01

AquaSplint classic
AquaSplint classic
AquaSplint classic
AquaSplint classic
AquaSplint classic
AquaSplint classic
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AquaSplint offers, unlike the classic rigid and soft splints, the following advantages:
  • Immediate help, pain relief and muscle relaxation without the need for impressions, bite registration or laboratory procedures.
  • Does not need grinding or contouring or frequent recall visits (thanks to the hydrostatic balance between both water pads).
  • Universal and applicable in few minutes.
  • Alternative to both relaxation and distraction splints.
  • High fitting accuracy and comfortable seat through individual relining.
  • Requires no more than 10 hours of wearing ( 8 hours by night, 2 hours by day )
  • Excellent clinical results and patient satisfaction through rapid pain reduction, comfort and the advantageous positioning in the lower jaw in comparison to the upper jaw (visibility and stability)
  • Long life (4 weeks) and little fluid loss.
  • Applicable during orthodontic treatment


  • AquaSplint classic
  • Storage Box for Patient
  • Bonding
  • Soft Relining Silicone Material + Tip (can also be reordered separately)

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File File size
MSDS Bonding
89.3 KB Download
MSDS Silicone Material
38.7 KB Download
MSDS Splint (saddle)
42.96 KB Download
MSDS Water pad
57.68 KB Download
AquaSplint Patient Questonnaire
381.47 KB Download
Patient Information
664.95 KB Download
AquaSplint classic Flyer
3.46 MB Download
Analysis sheet funct. diagnosis
1.58 MB Download

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